Goody Bags (Behind the scenes)

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It was during a Council Meeting on 26 August that the idea of delivering “goody bags” to our members first arose. At that time the Executive Council had been considering how best to remember our members during this challenging period of lock downs and restrictions due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Recently appointed to the Executive Council, it was Val King who suggested an idea previously utilised while Val was involved in her local WI.

Simply, to put together a few items inside a paper bag and deliver to the door step of our members. In this way, we achieve all manner of things, particularly meeting our members and hopefully raising spirits by saying hello with an element of surprise.

What to include? Practical, functional, utilitarian and humorous gifts which could be appreciated for what they are, a means to brighten up the day and raise a smile.

And so the logistics began with more than a few challenges. There was Mary popping into the local store and asking for 85 boxes of shortbread! If that wasn’t enough, then asking for 85 bottles of shower gel, preferably with different messages!

Next, cards to be made, bags to be sourced and then filled “production line” style!

Finally, addresses to be confirmed, maps readied and deliveries began.

Was it worth it? Oh YES it was and judging by the feedback below, arguably the most successful initiative we have ever undertaken.

Dear Council Members,

  • We wish to thank you all for the generous goody bags which Mary kindly brought to us
  • The kindness and care in thinking about everyone and all of the organisation in acquiring and delivering the Bags is wonderful.
  • I was so delighted to open the door and see Mary’s smiling face, such a lovely surprise, a gift in itself.
  • Thank you for your good wishes and of course ‘The Quiz’.
  • Your kindness is greatly appreciated.. Well done to our gallant committee for the idea

Robert, Mary, Margaret, Bill, Val, Shirley