Annual Bowls Competition 2022

Bowls group 2022

It was with great interest that the Scottish Association Bowling competition was held in Abington Park bowling green on Sunday 21st August 2022 which was the first time that we were able to hold this annual competition for 3 years.

We were able to get into the bowling green despite some confusion regarding the gate codes, and it was fortunate that the weather held good for us to get it started and completed without suffering a sudden downpour.

Fifteen people turned up to play with also a few to watch our event and provide a background to encourage people who generally do not play bowls outdoor very often.

Awarding the winners

Betty Sheppard was not able to come to present her cup to the winners but at an age of 101 years we can wholly understand and hope that some photos of the event will help her to get the enjoyment again.

Due to the limited number of Jacks available we set up three teams of five players who played each other and recorded the number of points gained in each game.

The conclusion was that team 1 scored the highest with 6 points total.

This team consisted of :

Ann McEvoy, John McEvoy, Alan McIlravie, Janice McIlravie and Angela Morrison.

We were pleased to present them with some wine and a box of Edinburgh Rock. There was a little Rock also for some of the other competitors.

We then presented them the Sheppard cup and then made our way across the park to the cafe to enjoy our individual liquid to recover our own state after the exhaustion of our activity. We did this as well as enjoyed some interesting conversation about our general activities accompanied with the brass band playing in the park.

We wound up the afternoon not too late and all made our way to complete a most successful and enjoyable event with a tremendous group of people which hopefully can be repeated again next year.

Thanks to Donald Morrison for the report.