Our Treasurer’s Local Radio interview

Mary Roach - Our SecretaryOur Treasurer, Mary Roach, had agreed to address The Haggis at our Burns Nicht Celebrations on Saturday 27th January 2018…
…But what she didn’t know was that BBC Radio Northampton would invite her into their studio on 25th January 2018 to be interviewed by Stuart Linnell on The Breakfast Show, to explain the Scottish tradition and have a rehearsal of Addressing The Haggis on air!

She was a star in the making and did an amazing job of promoting our Association. Well done, Mary!

The Breakfast Show producer, Dan Morfitt has kindly supplied us with a recording below, or you can listen to the whole show (available until 23rd February) on iPlayer here (Mary’s piece starts around 2 hours 47 mins in).



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